Mille CrepeSpecial CakeNama Donut

This cake is the origin of Nadeje Mille Crepe. Homemade custard cream with Tahitian Vanilla Beans mix with Fresh cream. It would melt smoothly in your mouth...... But the rich taste and aroma definitely stay there.


Preserve Black Raisin with Rum for a week and make paste which produce Rich Rum and Raisin Fragrance, moderately sweet.

  Rum & Raisin

Homemade Strawberry puree with Fresh Cream. Slightly sour and faintlysweet. It's Gorgeous decoration by Fresh Strawberry!


High grade Japanese Green Tea, Home-cooked red beans...... It's really Japanese Style! This cake is moderately sweet.

  Green Tea

New Zealand Cream Cheese and Homemade Lemon Jam makes fresh in rich.


Homemade Banana's puree mix with Fresh Cream, sand by Black Chocolate Crepe. This cake is a favorite with children.

  Banana Chocolate

Black Chocolate Crepe, Dark Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Chip and melted Chocolate sauce, moderately sweet.

  Double Chocolate

Red of Strawberry, Black of Chocolate Crepe and White of Fresh Cream. This is a lovely design mille crepe.

  Strawberry Chocolate

Luxury Swiss Chocolate produce bitter sweet and rich taste.


You can feel fully roasted Italian Coffee Aroma and taste. This cake is moderately sweet.


Black Chocolate Crepe sandwich with juicy and sweet mandarin orange Cream.

  Orange Chocolate

Raspberry, Blueberry and Strawberry. This three Berry makes sweet and sour harmony.

  Berry Berry Strawberry

Specially made for Hazelnut lover, using Hazelnut paste and crush carameled hazelnut.

  Praline Lover

Inspired and made using Malacca famous Gula Melaka, its a localised flavour. Very popular!


Made using mango, yogurt and cream cheese. Its not too sweet!

  Mango Yogurt

We use high quality Mascarpone Cheese of Galbani Italy. Please enjoy this rich and profound taste.


Combination of coffee and chocolate. Its a little better, and its filled with chocolate chip.

  Cafe Mocha

Made using Fresh cream imported Tea powder, imported, all the way from Japan.

  Royal Milk Tea