Established since 2006.

Fame with its unique handmade mille crepe that taste flavourful and satisfying all on its own.
A place to collect memories and happiness……

  • Categories
  • original
    Rum & Raisin

    An attractive combination of moderate almost sweet taste of well-preserved black raisin and special rum.

  • berry232size
    Berry Strawberry

    Berrylicious! A perfect blend of berries; fresh juicy raspberries, blueberries and strawberries to provide the special sweet and sour taste.

  • cafemocha
    Cafe Mocha

    Simply Awesome crepe of slight bitter taste of good coffee with rich chocolate cream and delectable chocolate chips.

  • tiramisu

    Specially for you, a High Quality tasty Mascarpone Cheese from Galbani, Italy, a special treat not to be missed!

  • bananachoc
    Banana Chocolate

    Striking black and white crepe of black chocolate and white cream with sweet banana puree to excite your taste buds. Truly, a children’s favourite!

  • cheese1
    Lemon Cheese

    A great crepe of pure New Zealand cream cheese and original tasty homemade teasing sweet lemon jam.

  • original

    Original Flavoured Mille Crepe of homemade custard cream with special Tahitan Vanilla beans that enhance its smooth and rich taste.

  • greentea
    Green Tea

    Imported Quality Japanese Green Tea and fragrant homecooked red beans exude the real taste of Japanese

  • malacca

    The Malacca Cendol complemented the use of Malacca famous Gula Melaka and fresh creamy coconut milk for that local taste of Malacca.

  • milktea
    Royal Milk Tea

    Special High Quality Japanese Tea with fresh white cream to relish Royal taste of Japanese Milk Tea. Indeed A Royal Treat!

  • orangechoc
    Orange Chocolate

    A wonderful combination of exciting black chocolate crepe with tangy sweet mandarin orange cream to fascinate you.

  • praline
    Praline Lover

    Alluring Nut lovers! A flattering nutty taste of rich hazelnuts; creamy and smooth crushed paste and caramel to satisfy your Nutty craving.

  • strawchoc
    Strawberry Chocolate

    Lovely black chocolate crepe with refreshing taste of smooth white cream, complete with fresh red strawberry topping.

  • choc

    A splendid sweet creamy blend of quality Swiss Chocolate for the real luxurious chocolate taste.

  • cafe

    Fragrant aroma of coffee and perfect taste of well-roasted Arabica Coffee beans to charm you.

  • straw

    Simply the best quality homemade strawberry puree with smooth fresh cream to deliver a unique sweet and sour taste.

  • mango
    Mango Yogurt

    Oh so Tempting! An exquisite indulgence of creamy mango puree and healthy yogurt with smooth cream cheese to pamper your taste.

  • 1
    Double Chocolate

    Double the happiness of generous spread of delicious dark chocolate cream with melted rich chocolate and tasty chocolate chips.

  • Mango-ShortCake-(2)
    Mango Short Cake (Slice)

  • specialcakechoc
    Mahogany (Slice)

    Precious Mahogany! Tasty chocolate sponge cake of beautiful Mahogany brown tone, enveloped in magnificent white cream.

  • mohogany

    Precious Mahogany! Tasty chocolate sponge cake of beautiful Mahogany brown tone, enveloped in magnificent white cream.

  • 3
    Checkered Flag (Chocolate)

    Delightful! Wonderful! Chocolate sponge and vanilla sponge checkered and smothered with lovely chocolate cream for chocolate lovers!

  • kitty
    Fruit Short Cake (Vanilla)

    Hello Kittylicious! Soft fluffy delicious vanilla cake with fresh smooth white cream and juicy sweet fruits, a kid’s favourite.

  • mozart1

    A chocolate treat! Chocolate sponge cake smothered with rich chocolate cream.

  • 2
    Fruit Short Cake (Slice)

    Fruitylicious! A lovely fruit short soft vanilla enriched with mixed fruits generously sandwiched and topped with real fruits.

  • mickey
    Fruit Short Cake (Chocolate)

    Berrylicious! Soft fluffy tasty chocolate cake with juicy sweet fruits for your kids!

  • mozart
    Coffee Break

    Take a break! Freshly baked coffee sponge with aromatic quality coffee cream for you to enjoy.

  • pooh
    Fruit Short Cake (Chocolate)

    Berrylicious! Soft fluffy tasty chocolate cake with juicy sweet fruits for your kids!

  • 1
    Marble Chiffon (Slice)

    Oh so fluffy! A soft and fine chocolate and vanilla sponge cake, covered with smooth vanilla and luxurious chocolate cream.

  • doraemon
    Fruit Short Cake (Doraemon)

    Adorable Doraemon mini-sized soft fluffy chocolate cake with lovely fruits, a kiddy choice!

  • strawshort
    Strawberry Short Cake

    A wonderful combination of soft vanilla sponge generously sandwiched with freshest strawberry, coated with fresh cream and strawberry fruit.

  • 4
    Checkered Flag (Strawberry)

    Delicious! Berrylicious! Strawberry sponge and vanilla sponge checkered with precious strawberry cream for strawberry lovers!

  • chiffon
    Marble Chiffon

    Oh so fluffy! A soft and fine chocolate and vanilla sponge cake, covered with smooth vanilla and luxurious chocolate cream.

  • smokedsalmon
    Smoked Salmon Salad

  • mushroomsoup
    Mushroom Soup

  • caesarsalad
    Caesar Salad

  • tunasalad
    Spicy Tuna Salad

  • finger
    Quattro Finger Food

  • bolognese

  • spicytuna
    Spicy Tuna

  • ham&cheese
    Ham & Cheese

  • friedfish
    Fried Fish Sandwich

  • clubsand
    Club Sandwich

  • katsusandwich
    Chicken Katsu Sandwich

  • curryrice
    Japanese Curry Rice

  • chickkatsu
    Chicken Katsu Don

  • katsuset
    Chicken Katsu Set

  • misomayo
    Chicken Miso Mayo Plate

  • currychic
    Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

  • tartar
    Tar Tar Chicken Chop Rice

  • jumbocurry
    Jumbo Japanese Curry Rice

  • fishset
    Fried Fish Set

  • frieddon
    Fried Fish Don

  • teppan
    Teppan Nepolitan

  • karadon
    Kara Age Don

  • SSfish
    Sweet & Sour Fish Plate

  • teridon
    Teriyaki Don

  • ramen
    Spicy Ramen

  • japanchicchop
    Grilled Japanese Chicken Chop

  • mushroomchicchop
    Grilled Mushroom Cream Sauce Chicken Chop

  • chiccrop
    Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Chop-crop

  • fish&chip
    Cheesy Fish & Chip

  • salmonspaghetti
    Smoked Salmon Spaghetti

  • nadejespaghetti
    Nadeje Special Spaghetti

  • fish&chip1
    Fish & Chips

  • seacaborana
    Seafood Cabonara Spaghetti

  • creamspaghetti
    Chicken Cream Sauce Spaghetti

  • yaki
    Yaki Spaghetti

  • tomyamspag
    Tomyam Spaghetti

  • tunaarabiata
    Tuna Arrabiata Corn Pizza

  • salmonpizza
    Smoked Salmon Salad Pizza

  • caesar-salad-pizza
    Caesar Salad Pizza

  • hawaiipizzza
    Hawaiian Pizza

  • Cafe-Mocha-Shake
    Cafe Mocha Shake

  • Raspberry-Cheese-Cake-Shake
    Raspberry Cheese Cake Shake

  • New-York-Cheese-Cake-Shake
    New York Cheese Cake Shake

  • Strawberry-Shake
    Strawberry Shake

  • Chocolate-Mint-Shake
    Chocolate Mint Shake

  • Double-Chocolate-Shake
    Double Chocolate Shake

  • Cappucino-Shake
    Cappucino Shake

  • Iced-Malacca-Cafe-Latte
    Iced Malacca Cafe Latte

  • Iced-Raspberry-&-Cream-Coffee
    Iced Raspberry & Cream Coffee

  • Iced-Cafe-Latte
    Iced Cafe Latte

  • Iced-Caramel-Cafe-Latte
    Iced Caramel Cafe Latte

  • Iced-Chocolate-Mint-Cafe-Latte
    Iced Chocolate Mint Cafe Latte

  • Iced-Black-Forest-Cafe-Latte
    Iced Black Forest Cafe Latte

  • Iced-Cookie-&-Cream-Coffee
    Iced Cookie & Cream Coffee

  • Iced-Hazelnut-Cafe-Latte
    Iced Hazelnut Cafe Latte

  • Iced-Grand-Berry-Cafe-Latte
    Iced Grand Berry Cafe Latte

  • Iced-Green-Tea-Latte
    Iced Green Tea Latte

  • Iced-Honey-Cafe-Latte
    Iced Honey Cafe Latte

  • Ribena-Honey-Lemon
    Ribena Honey Lemon

  • Blue-Sicilian
    Blue Sicilian

  • Blue-Sky
    Blue Sky

  • Blue-Moon-Light
    Blue Moon Light

  • Blue-Lagoon
    Blue Lagoon

  • Roman-Holiday
    Roman Holiday

  • Lychee-Punch
    Lychee Punch

  • Ribena

  • Lovers-in-Paris
    Lovers in Paris

  • Rspberry-Dream
    Raspberry Dream

  • Orange-Rouge
    Orange Rouge

  • Orange-Yakult
    Orange Yakult

  • Creme-Brule-Latte
    Creme Brule Latte

  • Grand-Berry-Cafe-Latte
    Grand Berry Cafe Latte

  • Green-Tea-Latte
    Green Tea Latte

  • Hazelnut-Cafe-Latte
    Hazelnut Cafe Latte

  • Dark-Chocolate-Cafe-Latte
    Dark Chocolate Cafe Latte

  • Honey-Cafe-Latte
    Honey Cafe Latte

  • Caramel-Cafe-Latte
    Caramel Cafe Latte

  • Black-Forest-Cafe-Latte
    Black Forest Cafe Latte

  • Cafe-Latte
    Cafe Latte

  • Malaca-Cafe-Latte
    Malacca Cafe Latte

  • Chocolate-Mint-Cafe-Latte
    Chocolate Mint Cafe Latte

  • Black-Coffee
    Black Coffee

  • Cappuccino

  • Hibiscus-Tea
    Hibiscus Tea

  • Earl-Grey-Lavender
    Earl Grey Lavender

  • Chamomile

  • Caramel-Green-Tea
    Caramel Green Tea

  • Organic-White-Peony-with-Lemogress-Tea
    Organic White Peony with Lemogress Tea

  • Organic-White-Peony-with-Rose-Tea
    Organic White Peony with Rose Tea

  • Lemon-Ginger-Mint
    Lemon Ginger Mint

  • Japanese-Green-Tea
    Japanese Green Tea

  • Honey-Lemon-(Hot)
    Honey Lemon

  • Rooibos

  • Rose-Green-Tea
    Rose Green Tea

  • Sakura-Green-Tea
    Sakura Green Tea


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